3D-Printed Puppet-making

Puppet-making project with Plymouth College of Art’s National Art and Design Saturday Arts Club (NADSAC), an arts club for 14-16yr olds exploring various arts and crafts processes facilitated by PCA’s facilities and workshop spaces. We worked with the college’s newly opened Fab Lab to create miniature 3D-milled polystyrene heads, based on 3D scans of arts club participants’ heads. For the puppet bodies I drew a template set of 2D body parts which were then translated into a laser-cutting design, and cut out of plywood panels. The arts club group used a traditional fabric jointing (puppet-making) technique to join body parts and head together, and built up 3D shapes using glued, then carved, polystyrene segments. Puppets were finished with papier mache and costume elements, made using paper plates and various paper engineering techniques. The puppets went on to be combined with ‘toy theatre’ scenic elements to create a film (seeĀ Somewhere in my Mind there is a Painting Box)
(Plymouth College of Art, November – December 2014)



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